Amazing Grace
(completed 2008)

Base: 36 W x 36 L x 9 H (91.44 cm x 91.44 cm x 22.9 cm)
MDF, plastic laminate, Padauk, mirror acrylic, fluorescent light, neon, hand cast glass. Neon: 43 dia. (109.22 cm)

This piece started as a triangle with cubes on top. But over time it evolved to its present form. I use religious symbols to convey the concept of divine grace. The square base represents the physical world with four quotes (one on each side) on the nature of grace. The triangle represents the Trinity. Each of the 15 glass cubes represent individual man 15 being the Biblical symbol for divine perfection by grace. The circle represents wholeness, infinity, perfection it hovers above the square and illuminates all by its presence. The amber mirror acrylic represents this divinely bright and immediate presence which we all can reflect.